Moisture Matters

Moisture is a concern for virtually every industry. It can wreak havoc on product quality, production processes, and sample analysis. 

Moisture analysis is a process performed during research and development and manufacturing and production in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications.  

While laboratories rely on these processes to inspect and study samples, many manufacturers use them to ensure product quality and to meet standards. 

Batteries are a good example of a product where moisture content must be closely monitored.

Many other product manufacturers and packagers also practice moisture analysis, including food,

pharmaceuticals, and pulp and paper industries, to name just a few.

When used properly, an electronic moisture analyzer has many benefits over other methods.

They are much faster and can be more accurate than conventional methods such as using a drying oven and balance to perform a loss on drying measurement.  

However, improper setup and usage can lead to inaccurate and untrustworthy results. 

Moisture measurement must not only be exercised, but it must be done optimally to avoid disastrous results.

Improper moisture measurement can result in inaccurate and untrustworthy results, low repeatability, or a high variance in measurement results (low precision).

Using low-quality instruments or not taking proper steps to prepare your workspace or samples can have negative consequences, including samples that have not dried thoroughly or prematurely lost moisture content due to evaporation before the start of measurement.

To ensure accurate moisture measurement, it’s important to select a high-quality moisture analyzer that can produce precise and repeatable results with low variance in measurements. 

One such high quality product that we carry is the Ohaus MB120. With expert guidance from OHAUS and the usage of their top-performing MB120 Moisture Analyzer with SmartGuide, you can eliminate one worry from your process.

Of equal importance is proper setup and usage.

Providing a proper method to ensure stringent sample preparation and handling, as well as instrument setup and maintenance can help ensure quality moisture analysis.