About Us

Thank you for your interest in General Lab & Cleanroom Supply. We appreciate your selection of our company to serve your requirements. We are proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success as well as the success of the customers we serve. Whether you purchase products for the laboratory, cleanroom, or manufacturing facility, we will seek to provide high quality products at discount pricing. For You On Demand Think about it. If it comes to you from us “across the street” as opposed to the other end of the state or country, does location have anything to do with cost, most efficient means of you getting what you need, when you need it, at the price you need? Absolutely.
General Lab & Cleanroom Supply has been serving Southern California customers for over two decades. Branded products warehoused in our facility and distributed to our customers same day or early next day from any one of our fleet delivery vehicles. What makes us a better choice given the various options available? It’s not what we deliver and service, it’s how we deliver and service. General Lab & Cleanroom Supply operates on an On-Demand “Global pricing” platform. We think of it as a step beyond JIT and given our mean customer retention exceeds 10 years; we know it out performs centralized distribution models and have the customers to testify to it. It’s proven to be the most efficient, low cost, risk minimizing sourcing methodology for our customer’s product/budget requirements.

What we offer:

  • Local Reserved Inventory

    With customer service and delivery options supporting your weekend shifts.

  • Partial Case/Minimum Qty

    Sometimes you won’t need a case. We deliver what you need.

  • Preferred Pricing

    SoCalBio members qualify for special pricing.

  • Delivery Options

    Delivered “stock to dock “or “point of use “when you need it.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory Program

    “Best In Class” Virtus VMI


  • SOCAL Bio – Southern California Biomedical Council
  • ALADN Group – Allied Laboratory Dealer Network
  • ILDA – Independent Laboratory Distributors Association

Placing an order…

  • Online at www.genlabdirect.com
  • Create an account online for fast and prompt processing of your order.
  • Fax to General Lab & Cleanroom Supply: 805-376-6079.
  • Email: orders@genlabdirect.com
  • Call us: 805-376-0901 or 888-869-6500

Product & Service Information

  • Strategic Sourcing: On-demand
  • Satisfied Customers: For decades.
  • “Global pricing advantages“ saving you direct costs with over 350 manufacturers to choose from.
  • Defined as a top tier supplier by customers References available.
  • Easy to do business with and that includes “paperwork” that’s accurate and timely reducing frustration and reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Strategic Alliance of Manufacturers Known branded and supported products maximizing continuity of goods for product manufacturing.
  • Servicing C, Z, and N – Manufacturers contracts.

Because Local stock represents...

  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced efficiencies
  • Risk mitigation

And through us you get...

  • Preferred pricing
  • Accurate paperwork
  • Delivered when you need it

and because...

  • Studies confirm that on-demand platforms outperform centralized distribution models and our customers can confirm this.