Safe Cleanroom Practices


safe cleanroom

When entering the cleanroom, always:
Enter only through the ante-room – no shortcuts.
Walk across the tacky mat to clean the soles of your shoes.      
Wear shoe covers.
Wear cleanroom garments (frock or bunny suit).
Wear a bouffant cap & beard cover (if necessary). 
Wear gloves (if necessary).
Wipe down any hand or power tools. 

When inside the cleanroom:
Never remove any cleanroom garments.
No unnecessary paper products or paper bags.
No wooden pallets, ladders or wood-handled tools. 
No cardboard boxes or packing peanuts.
No pencils or erasers – pens only.
Never bring in unclean or rusty tools.
No Food, No Drink, No Chewing Gum – ever. No excessive or dangling jewelry.
Do not raise your sleeve to observe your watch – checkout the wall clock within the cleanroom.

Whenever leaving the cleanroom, always:
Exit only through the ante-room – no shortcuts.
Remove cleanroom garments within the ante-room.
Carefully hang up garment(s).
Properly store or dispose of bouffant & shoe covers.
Take your time – haste does make waste.


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