Bowtie™ Biohazard Bags, Autoclave Bag with Drawstring, PE, 25 x 35in. (64 x 89cm)

Bowtie™ Biohazard bags, autoclave bag with drawstring, PE, 25 x 35in. (64 x 89cm), with marking area and sterilization indicator, 100/pk

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MTC Bio’s new BowTie™ Biohazard Bags apply a modern touch to a basic lab necessity that hasn’t been improved in decades. These clearly marked bags are equiped with exclusive drawstring loops provide an instant cinch closure and easy removal from bag stands. These drawstring loops allow for venting during sterilization and offer an easy and safe way to remove bags from a hot autoclave. They also include a sterilization indicator area that changes color after autoclaving, for foolproof verification of sterility. Bags are clearly marked with biohazard symbols and includes a large white marking area for custom identification. BowTie™ Bags are made of HDPE and are suitable for autoclaving at 121°C cycles. 

  • Drawstring for instant closure
  • 12-16 gallon capacity, 25 x 35in.
  • (45-60 liter capacity, 64 x 89cm)
  • Color changing sterilization indicator
  • Bags fit perfect in Biohazard Bin
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Manufacturer MTC Bio Inc
Package Qty 100