Category B Mailer System, Ambient, Small

Our most commonly used system used by hundreds of companies, hospitals and testing facilities throughout the world. The patented MiniMailBox system is approved for use in every country as a recognized safe way of transporting UN3373 Biological substances, Category B, PI650. The kit contains our MiniMailBox, 95 kPa Safetybag with bubble liner, absorbing 4 position tube holder and Biohazard Label.

External Dimensions: 9.5" x 5" x 1.25"

Closure: Flap Closure

Material: Cardboard

PI620: No

PI650: Yes

UN3373: Yes

Air Transport: Yes

Ground Transport: Yes


ISO-110 Kit ($3.97

25 x ISO-110 Kit ($94.75

50 x ISO-110 Kit ($174.50

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Manufacturer Part No. DP520300